Late April, goes to the Buchinger Clinic in Marbella, Spain, on the Costa del Sol, for a regimen of therapeutic fasting. Spends a few days in Paris before returning to New York.

May 8, opening of “Saul Steinberg” at the Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton.

July 31, tells Buzzi: “I stopped reading the NY Times, whose obituaries I kept studying with curiosity—surprising myself—searching, strangely enough, for my own.”

October, Tina Brown urges ST to contribute covers for The New Yorker: “I do miss you from our covers. And I would love to get together with you to talk about doing something special, if you are interested and have not forsaken us.”

November, Françoise Mouly, appointed art editor of The New Yorker in March, contacts ST at Brown’s request. She soon begins working with him to excavate old but unpublished drawings as well as develop new work. The collaboration continues until ST’s death.

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